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7 Free Technology Resources for Small Businesses


We all know what engaging with technology well can do for your business success. But how do small businesses go about it, from a position of limited resources?

Here are 7 free resources you can help yourself to for nada, zip, zilch, zero dollars.

Free Images from Unsplash

So you’ve gone and put a blog on your website, and worked really some whizz bang content to add to it.

But do you really just want a big wall of text? The modern web is about pictures too. Well chosen images break up the reading, reinforce your message and just generally make your content look that little bit more profesionally produced.

Which is all fine and well, but can be a bit of a bother to know what to do with it. I mean, most of us with a business to run are not too bad at our actual jobs, and with a bit of practice we can figure out how to blog about it too. But how many of us have real graphics or photography ability as well?

If you’ve got the bucks, it’s not a bad idea to pay someone to sort this out for you. The other option is to decide it’s too difficult and leave your work undercoated.

Or you could just scoot over to Unsplash, which publishes a wealth of free photography that you can add to your website for absolutely no cost. Even better, these photographs are amazing. These are talented artists showcasing their very best work.


What to Know About Backups

Most businesses realize it’s important to keep backups. But all too often they’ve never thought beyond that. much about what level of backup they need, or how long it might take to bounce back from an incident.

This free guide takes you into the nitty gritty.

How to Defend Against Ransomware

It’s the bane of every small businesses with a deadline to meet: you’re minding your own business, getting your work done, when suddenly your computer reboots and you’re hit with a message to inform you that all your files are now encrypted and you’ll need to send bitcoins to some creep to get the key to restore them.

The diabolical thing about ransomware is that, even when you get rid of it, your files are still scrambled. So what should you do about this? If you were to answer “hey, we just did this, it’s about backups”, you’d be correct.

But it’s even better to avoid being hit in the first place. Here’s a free overview of how that works.

A Guide to Wireless Security

Whether you’re at the office, at home or on the road, you’ll probably rely on a wireless network for some of your most important work.

And, when you think about it, shouldn’t it scare the living pants off most of us that we’re broadcasting all of our most sensitive data literally into the air around us? Where who knows who might intercept it.

Here’s a free run down on how to stay safe.

Password Strength Estimator

You know how, when you pick a password for a particular website or program, you often get a little meter that shows you how strong it is? The problem with so many of them is that they only look at how long your password is, and whether you are using a good mix of upper and lower case, 

That’s not such a bad thing if your attacker is using a brute force method that tries every possible combination. But modern password cracking techniques look for predictable words, phrases and patterns in common use.

Free Linux Servers from Google and Amazon

Of course these big cloud computing businesses will let you rent their servers for money. That’s the whole point of the cloud really.

But did you realize that you can also have a small VPS for free? Because both of these companies offer a free tier.

And while one lonely VPS might not be world beating, enterprise level infrastructure, it’s plenty enough for a lot of small business needs, such as hosting a website, an app or even a small web crawler.

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Last modified: November 15, 2019