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China’s great nation app permits spying via back door


The Chinese communist party has gained and permitted to spy on more than 100 million citizens via a heavily promoted and sponsored official app.

Phone security experts Cure 53 said, “From the analysis of the study of great nation app, they found hidden elements which help to monitor, use and copy data. “And also, this gives super – user access to Chinese government.”

The monitoring functions in this app that were listed by cyber investigators are denied by the Chinese government.

This application was released in February and this app Study the Great Nation has become the most downloaded free program in China just because of the influential demands by the authority’s citizens downloaded this application and installed it.

Why the app so compulsory to use?

This was designed to encourage people to learn about China and the day to day news. This app attracts people towards itself by let them earn points by reading articles, commenting on them and playing quizzes about China and their president Xi Jinping.

People or citizens working among party officials and civil servants are compulsory to use this application in their day to day life.

The government has made this app as study material for the local journalists who need to pass the exam in it about the life of president Xi Jinping. After the test they will receive a press card or we can call it as a permission card which allows journalists to participate in press conferences in order to carry their jobs.

German cyber security firm cure 53 took apart in the android version of the application on behalf of the open technology fund, which campaigns on human right issues and found many undocumented and hidden features.

And also, Cure 53 said, “Study the Great Nation had wide logging facilities and they tried to build up a list of most popular apps one individual installed in their phones.

A reporter said, “Evident and undisputable that the studied application is accomplished of collecting and managing massive amounts of very specific data.”

This app has the potential of weakening the encryption which are used to scramble data and messages, which makes it easier to crack security for the government.

A reporter said, “This contains a code approaching back door which is capable in running arbitrary commands with super – user profits.”

Why the app is suspicious

Adam Lynn, research director at the open technology fund said that”This is really uncommon for an application to function these sorts of access to the device, and there is no reason to have these kinds of privileges unless you are doing something really bad or illegal.”

Cure 53 said,” there is no proof to show that the high level of access has being used. But also, it is not clear and makes no sense of using such a high – level access to a phone in order to function just as an ordinary educational service provider.”

There is a proven evidence for violating human rights as obfuscating the code inside the application which made it very hard to reverse by engineers and also, it is very hard to understand.

But anyway, Chinese government rejected the idea that Cure 53 explained and characterized about this.

Somehow the team behind the Study the Great Nation app rejected Cure 53 explanations and said “there is no such things in this program, this is only developed as an educational service provider” to Washington Post.

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Last modified: October 27, 2019