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Foodvisor can assist you to have a healthy meal with using deep learning


Want to know how the food you eat contribute to your health? Then you should try Foodvisor. Foodvisor has built a mobile app that helps users to analyze everything they eat in order to lose weight, follow a diet or get healthier. Using the app, users can add data by capturing a photo of their plate before they eat.

The company is using sophisticated deep learning algorithms to enable image recognition to detect what you’re about to eat. In addition to identifying the type of food, the app tries to estimate the weight of each item so the users will be able to log it to for further analysis.

“We’ve spent a little over two years doing research and development before we launched the app in 2018 in France,” co-founder and CMO Aurore Tran told me. Foodvisor  has secure $1.5 million so far (€1.4 million).

How the app capture your food?

The app tries to evaluate the distance between your plate and your mobile phone using camera autofocus data. It then calculates the area of each food item. The algorithm then tries to extrapolate the volume of each item depending on the type of food.

If the app got something wrong, the user can manually correct it before they log their meal. Many people give up on nutrition trackers because it’s too challenging. Foodvisor’s technology is all about making the data entry process as easy as possible.

After you logged the data, you get a list of nutrition details about what you just ate — calories, proteins, carbs, fats, fibers, etc. Based on the data, you can then set a goal, log activities and monitor your progress over time.

About the App

Foodvisor  has managed to attract 1.8 million app downloads and  It is available on iOS and Android in French, English, German and Spanish. “We have adjusted our product, we’ve improved our database to better target the American market,” Tran said.

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Foodvisor is subscription based and offers a premium subscription for $5 to $10 per month. In addition to more analysis and diet plans, the main feature of the premium plan is that user can chat with a registered dietitian/nutritionist directly in the app. After all it turns out that artificial intelligence can’t replace real human nutritionists altogether.

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