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Google has come up with a more simpler way to move music from speaker to speaker and screen to screen


If you have got multiple Google Home speakers or Google Nest devices dotted around your home, you may have noticed how difficult it may be to change your music playback between them.

“Stream transfer,” as Google calls it, permits you to easily ask the Assistant transfer your music to a different speaker, or — if you have got the proper speaker group set up — to all speakers and TVs in your home.

All you have got to mention is “Hey Google, move the music to the bedroom speaker,” for instance.

Additionally to your voice, you also can use their Home app or the touchscreen on your Nest Home Hub.

This will work with any supply which will play to your Chromecast-enabled speakers and displays.

It’s all pretty easy — to the point where we are shocked it took so long for Google to alter a feature like this. However perhaps it simply required to own enough devices in peoples’ homes to make it worthy.

“Now that uncountable users have multiple TVs, smart speakers and smart displays (some in each space!) We needed to create it simple for individuals to regulate their media as they move around the house,” the company explained in the announcement.

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