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Here are the Top 10 most developing technologies of 2019


Let us have a look about how the future will look like when it inculcates with sustainability?

What technology produced in today will help to make a bright and clear future for the world? The World Economic forum reveals a new report about some innovations which will contentedly change the global social and economic order.

Once Jeremy Jurgens, chief technology officer at the World Economic Forum says that “Technology has the capability to play any sort of critical role in finding and making solutions for all the challenges that our world face including climatic changes to the income inequality”. “From this demonstration of new innovations from developing technologies, offer us a way to have a look into what a sustainable, inclusive future will look like.”

When it comes to making the list, it is just more than promising all major benefits to the world. These innovations should also be positively interrupting the existing order, must be attractive in order to grab investors and researchers and also, expect to be achieving within the upcoming 5 years.

These are the top 10 developing technologies 2019.

Bio plastics for a circular economy.

Lesser than 15% of the world’s plastic and polythene is recycled and the rest is burnt, abandoned or sent to land filling. But by using biodegradable plastics we can overcome this problem but this lacks the strength of conventional materials. But amazingly, revolutionary idea was promoted to the circular economy by saying that to use cellulose and lignin from plant waste to make biodegradable plastics as this will increase the strength without using crops that could otherwise be used for food.

Social robots.

They can be used to take care of elders, children and all sort of tasks in daily life

With the latest technology robots are developed to recognize voices, faces, emotions, interpret speech patterns and gestures, and even to make eye contact with people. They can be used to take care of elders, children and all sort of tasks in daily life. And also, Droid friends and assistants are becoming part of everyday life.


Other than traditional glass cutting and glass curving techniques, making the lenses used by mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices has a greater capability. But due to the development in physics another light, tiny, thin, flat lenses called Metalenses are developed. They are very much capable than glasses and lenses as they allow miniaturization in sensors and medical imaging devices.

Disordered proteins as drug targets.

The proteins that can cause cancers and other sort of diseases are called as Intrinsically Disordered Proteins. They are very different from conventional or natural proteins as they lack a rigid shape. Due to this shape changing nature they are very difficult to treat. But now scientist have discovered a method to prevent their shape changing nature in order to treat and facilitate the patients without leading to severe situations.

Smarter fertilizers

Recently scientists discovered and improve the nature of fertilizers such as to release the nutrients slowly when there is a demand or a needy situation. But still this contains ammonia, urea and potash that harm the soil and damage the environment.  However, these new fertilizers are eco – friendly and contain non harmful nitrogen and micro organisms that will improve the uptake by plant.

Collaborative telepresence

In some video conferences you may feel like you are not the only one in the room and also, you may feel one another’s touch. Actually, this is 5G. This is a mixture of Augmented Reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) which is an advanced technology and sensors which make you feel even a physical handshake and medical practitioners as they are in the same room but really, them in different locations.

Advanced food tracking and packaging

If we are unable to take an action immediately related to contaminated food world health will be in a severe situation as more than 600 million people consumes contaminated food every day. It takes days and even weeks to trace and track food item’s progress. But luckily now you can track and monitor each and every step of food item’s progress using Blockchain Technology. And also, sensors in the food packaging and specify and report when the food is about to spoil. This will decrease the waste to whole batches once an expiry date is reached.

Safer nuclear reactors

There is a high risk related to nuclear power plants as they do not release carbon dioxide. This results in an over heating situation of rods in the reactors and also, when this mixed with water it produces hydrogen which can then explode. But the newly developed fuel is very less likely to overheat and if they do, they will produce a little or no hydrogen which will prevent explosion. These new configurations of fuel can replace existing fuel rods with a little modification.

DNA data storage Technology

Data storing systems we use nowadays want a lot of energy to process and also, they can not keep vast and over increasing quantities of data at each and every day produce. A revolutionary research suggest to store data using DNA based system as it consumes low energy related to computer hard drives to store large number of data. Some investigations suggest that in a one cube of DNA measuring just a square metre can keep world’s data for a year.

Utility – scale storage of renewable energy.

It is hard and increases the barrier to take up storing energy generated by renewable sources when there is no sun and wind. Anyway, Lithium – ion batteries are produced as the main method of storing energy over the past decade. This has continuously developed and as a result now batteries can store energy up to 8 hours and allow solar – generated power to meet the major evening demand of energy.

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Last modified: October 21, 2019